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After having cut the bridges with the press, Azayko answers with a single ” Non é qua “

Azayko has just released this midnight 24.12.2021 his latest single “Non è Qua” which means ” Not here “, produced with his label Kallitous , Swiss. It is a single in which he considers to be disappeared by simply taking a step back to better see his journey and gain momentum, as he says in the song “I disappeared and I feel like Orpheus, since Goccia I seek freedom”, It should be noted here that “Goccia” in reference to his latest EP that bears the same name, before continuing his text by paying tribute to “Wittgens Fernanda” this heroine of Italian artistic heritage, it is the first woman to direct the museum of Brera and protect it from the bombings of the Second World War. In an absolute metaphor Azayko continues his imagination by saying “Whoever wants to drink Zamzam, he does not look for it in Ricard”, knowing that Zamzam is a blessed water by Muslims, and Ricad is a whiskey, and the latter is illegal in Islam, it is an oxymoron that enriches the artistic vocabulary of the rapper, and we let you discover the rest of the song, click on the link below:

In this song, Azayko collaborated with an American producer, the prod is also very energetic what it gives Azayko the freedom to express himself as he masters it besides. Melodies that no artist had found before in Italy or Switzerland or even internationally and this was approved by our team, and we explain why.

It should be noted that Azayko is an Italian rapper, but not only, he is also an author, performer and executive producer, he was born on 06.09.1990 in a village called Timoulay Izdar in southern Morocco, and currently lives in the Swiss Confederation. Azayko, clearly distinguishes himself thanks to his vocal chords, his deep and broken voice, his very eclectic vibes gathering several cultures in a homogeneous and clean universe, his very rich, dense and pictorial writings with a lot of metaphors, which attracts several listeners to listen to him and as he confided to us himself.

“I consider my listeners as philosophers, I prefer to deliver them a quality text than to write them a Fast Food text, and the one who prefers to eat artistic junk food, he has only to look elsewhere, simply because the Rolls Royce is created in more than 400 days and my listeners are Rolls’ customers”

This experience, these eclectic lives, these inspiring texts, this courage to cut the bridges with the press as he has openly stated on his social networks that he will never do interviews with any media platform, all these elements give our rapper this very different viewfinder from others. It is life that our artist speaks often …. a subject that masters and the texts and the universe of these songs testify.

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