The 7 secrets you need to know about “Azayko” , this Italian rapper you need to follow for 2023

Azayko is an author, interpreter and producer, born on 06.09.1990 in Timoulay Izdar in the south of Morocco, he is currently residing in the Swiss Confederation. The language of his songs and writings is Italian and he became the first rapper in the history of Swiss and Italian rap to be able to release a single only in NFT and this since the year 2021.

Azayko has been behind the evolution of his former group, he recorded with them a dozen songs and his last single with the collective was SAGA in collaboration with a Moroccan rapper, this before launching his solo career on 25.12.2020. All alone he recorded an EP project of 12 songs called “GOCCIA” which literally means from the Italian “drop” which is available everywhere and three other singles and a single released only in NFT before making it public.

To listen to the EP project “GOCCIA” click on the following link:

The artistic name of “Azayko” literally means since the Berber “Ancient”, this name of scene followed him since his youngest age when his friends of this time named him “Azayku” in reference to the Berber writer and historian “Ali Sedqi Azayku”.

Azayko, clearly distinguishes himself thanks to his vocal chords, his deep and broken voice, his very eclectic vibes gathering several cultures in a homogeneous musical universe, his very rich, dense and pictorial writings with many metaphors. These criteria attract many listeners to listen to him and as he confided to us himself “I consider my listeners as philosophers, artists and sociologists, I prefer to deliver them a quality text than to write them a Fast Food text, and the one who prefers to feed on musical junk food he has only to look elsewhere…”

Our artist, distinguishes himself from other Italian-speaking rappers in Switzerland or in Italy or elsewhere, thanks to his very diverse experience knowing that he has lived in Morocco, Italy, France and Switzerland, which gives him this very different view of the others and a vision of life at 360 ° having only 32 years. It should be noted that Azayko has built his personal professional career alone, he has fallen and risen several times without crying for help, and it is of life that our artist often speaks …. a subject that masters and the songs testify.

The link to the artist’s Youtube channel and his networks:

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