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Every day at 6am, whether it was windy, rainy or snowy, I got up to go to work to clean our customers’ windows, offices and kitchens. Some of them didn’t even bother to say hello to me, and I felt like a slave. The maintenance tasks were exhausting, my back ached with every movement and although I put in a lot of effort, the salary I received wasn’t enough to cover our expenses, to be honest with you, it was 2339CHF net per month and if I work a lot of overtime I can barely reach 3100CHF. Between rent, which amounted to 1,200, and health insurance costs for me and my 3 children, it was hard to make ends meet, and just one more bill put me into depression and made me cry all night! To be honest, I work to survive, not to live, and all my hope rested on my children, in the hope that they would get me out of this vicious circle

One sunny Saturday in March, after finishing work at 11 a.m., I decided to take a well-deserved break on my favorite terrace in Fribourg’s Lower Town. As I sipped my cappuccino, my face turned towards the sun, my thoughts turned to my bills and my life. I didn’t want my ex-husband to rejoice in my defeat – in other words, my poverty. I was thinking about improving my CV to find a new job. Lost in my thoughts, I heard a young man with a gentle smile, elegantly dressed, talking to an old man with grey hair, the latter dressed in a short-sleeved white shirt, wearing a classic watch on his left hand, the young man tells him about a new company here in Freiburg that helps people easily reach 6 figures in sales thanks to a monthly investment, and this without advertising on the radio, in the buses or on the big posters in the stations, I ask him to talk to him when he finishes with the gentleman from Valais. The old man leaves his table, then the young man asks me if I need any help and why I asked to see him, I share with him my concerns and my determinations to go into online business, I told him that I draw well and that I want to sell my paintings and t-shirts bearing my designs online and I also asked him that I want to advertise only on smartphones and tablets, because quite simply, I’ve seen my children how addicted they are to their phones, I also stressed to him that I don’t understand anything about either online commerce or online advertising. I added that I wanted to realize my dreams and find a solution to improve my financial situation, and that I wanted to give my children a better life. He smiled warmly and handed me a card with his name and phone number, “Damien, Kallitous Marketing, e-commerce expert”

After this meeting with this young man and so excited with joy, I phoned my best friend “Isidora” who simply shouted at me, telling me that I must forget about this and concentrate on my home and she suggested that I ask my boss “Joâo” to work a lot of overtime in order to have more money. … it saddened me and made me cry, because quite simply I’m starting to think that my girlfriend Isidora was right and that I should forget about taking risks!

A few days later, as I was taking the bus home, I was looking at some Tiktok videos and came across the Sucess Story video by J.K Rowling, who was a divorced mother also living off an allowance, this, before the publication of “Harry Potter” her global success, I thought to myself if she’s done it, why can’t I? it was at this point that I decided to get off at the next stop to change buses and go and see this young man in his office at Kallitous which is located just above Movenpick in Freiburg. When we arrived at the office, we talked for hours, the manager explaining to me the basics of online commerce, dropshipping, digital marketing and strategies for success in this field. She offered me a free 3-month subscription to set up my online store, sell my self-designed products and promote my business. The elegant young man helped me promote my store to a wider audience, and little by little, sales increased. I began to generate extra income, then enough to quit my job as a cleaner. That day, I went home with tears in my eyes, proud of what I’d achieved.

By the end of the same year, my online store was receiving an average of 29 orders a day with an average basket of 39CHF, which meant that I was now earning 2548 CHF per day of sales, i.e. 33930 CHF per month. This success has enabled me to far exceed my former salary as a cleaner, and my best friend “isidora” now works for me, taking care of the administrative side of things.

Today, my online store has become a thriving business. I work from home, controlling my own hours. My monthly income now exceeds CHF 10,000, more than three times my salary as a cleaner. I can finally offer my children the things they need, and even treat them to a few pleasures. We’ve moved to a larger apartment in a nice neighborhood where my children can grow up in safety. The difficulties we’ve been through have strengthened our family bond. I want my children to see that anything is possible if you believe in it and work hard to make your dreams come true.


My story isn’t over yet. I still have many goals to reach, but today I feel proud of how far I’ve come. If you’re in a similar situation, I hope my story will inspire you to pursue your dreams. The world is full of opportunities, all you need is the courage to seize them. Don’t let the difficulties discourage you, because perseverance is the key to success. If I, Célia, a single mother of 3, who earned 19 CHF an hour as a cleaner, was able to transform my life thanks to a successful online store and a monthly investment, then you too can do it, the only thing you lack is the will, the determination and the right team!

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