Yes, you can pay your subscription for a whole year, to do this you must contact us, and it will be done by bank transfer.

It depends on your business goals, usually small businesses including restaurants or beauty salons, take the entry level “silver” subscription to test and 84.3% of them ask to upgrade.

Our subscriptions are not selective and are not intended for such a company, any company will be able to take the subscription they want, as we mentioned somewhere in the questions, it all depends on your business objectives.

One of our advantages is that you will be able to deduct the cost of one of our advertising services from the price of your subscription for the same year. For example, in June 2022 you want a 30-second animated video for your company, which costs $700, and then you want to take out a “silver” subscription with us, we will deduct $700 from the cost of your subscription, which is (800×12=9600), i.e. you will pay $8,900 instead of $9600.

As mentioned in the subscriptions, the distribution of the flyers will be totally at our expense, you will not have to pay anything, from the design to the printing to the distribution of the flyers. You will only have to taste the results.

Of course we can work together, we have already worked with clients in Geneva, Lausanne, Winterthur, Adligenswil and even internationally. If your question is, can one of our consultants come to Lugano for a physical appointment, the answer is yes, our consultants can travel if necessary.

In general and for a light site (3 to 6 pages) will have to count up to 21 working days, however, the delivery can be done before this estimated time. But for a complex site (more than 15 pages) will need about 35 working days, again, delivery can be done before this estimated time.

For the service of mobile applications, it is different from websites, for the delivery of this service, it will take between 75 and 98 working days, however, the delivery can be done before this estimated date.

If your code is still valid, you can contact us and you will get the discount on one of our services. However, for monthly subscriptions no discount code is valid at the moment.

The subscriptions mentioned on the site are with a one year commitment.


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