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Dive with me into the thrilling world of Kallitous in French-speaking Switzerland, where every step of our journey has been marked by the determination to overcome challenges and create something exceptional. I’m Chloé, a collaborator who has been by the founder’s side since the very beginning of this captivating adventure, which began in 2018.

Imagine the beginning of our story, when the founder set out to create her own website. The challenges were immense, with financial barriers and daunting responses. Would you have believed that access to the digital world could be so complex for small businesses? Together, we challenged these preconceptions.

These challenges were our starting point, the catalyst for our commitment to create something different. Even before Kallitous took on its administrative form in 2022, I was immersed in deep learning about digital marketing. Can you feel the excitement of understanding our field before formalizing us, ensuring that our offering authentically meets the needs of small businesses?

In 2022, with a dedicated team, we took the plunge, giving Kallitous a solid legal framework. It was more than an administrative formality; it was a symbol of our commitment to excellence and to breaking down the financial barriers that often hinder the growth of small businesses. Since then, as a collaborator at Kallitous, I’ve had the privilege of participating in our exciting mission: to support companies in their financial and brand development.

Today, as a proud member of the Kallitous team, I invite you to join us in this adventure where every business, regardless of size, can thrive online. At Kallitous, we’re here to support your dreams, opening the way to a world of possibilities without financial barriers.
Get excited about Kallitous’ comprehensive digital marketing services. Imagine creating a captivating website, developing an innovative mobile app, or producing powerful video ads. What would be the impact on your business of having an online presence that turns heads?

Maximize your visibility on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, TikTok and Snapchat with our strategic advertising campaigns. Can you visualize your business reaching new heights thanks to an optimal online presence?

Email marketing, at the heart of our tactics, offers you the opportunity to maintain direct, engaging contact with your audience. Can you imagine your message reaching your customers in a captivating way?

If the idea of launching an online store is on your mind, our turnkey e-commerce store creation service offers you a complete solution, from design to management. How would it make a difference to your business to have an online store that attracts and converts?

At Kallitous, we’re dedicated to catalyzing your business growth by offering innovative digital solutions that set you apart in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Can you imagine being part of this adventure where every business, with its uniqueness, can thrive online? Join us as we turn your dreams into a thriving digital reality!


Websites and e-stores realized
26 K€
Sales in 6 months with our clients
0.3 /10✯
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