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SEO in 2020, what changes and what transformation?

As a digital marketing agency in Fribourg and after several years of work on SEO, here we are today with several changes and especially big evolutions in the field of SEO in 2020.

Several practices are taking place and others are leaving, and many marketing agencies unfortunately find themselves stuck, because SEO is a constantly evolving field, and those who are lagging behind are often put on the sidelines. The vapors are turned around as they say, and we as a digital marketing agency should adapt in order to guarantee good results for our collaborators. this is what we will discover together in the next lines, talking about the big evolutions of SEO in 2020 especially in this year where COVID-19 represented the Dark Side of the year.

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We assume that most of you are already familiar with the basics of SEO, that’s why we would like to go further than the constantly discussed things like domain authority, back-links profiles that can go negatively from what you imagine, and to avoid any loopholes don’t hesitate to contact us to entrust your marketing missions to KALLITOUS CORPORATION experts, and as our director often says :

"Our experts feed off digital marketing in the digital age"

The growing importance of the user experience

The most profitable strategies in the long term are primarily focused on the customer and their satisfaction. If you’re looking for an example to illustrate this principle, look no further than Amazon. The same principle applies to SEO. Search engines love it when you take care of your visitors, which makes user experience one of the most important factors in Google rankings today.

Now you’re wondering, how do you optimize the user experience? Here are a few ways that our agency KALLITOUS CORPORATION is currently pursuing which makes it much more powerful than before.

Start by minimizing the number of ads on your site, especially those that are not relevant and do not interest your user base

Avoid unnecessary pages and pop-up windows that automatically appear and hinder your visitor’s navigation on computer and especially on Smartphone .

Optimize your loading speed as much as possible, and give its attention to the download of images, you do not want visitors to wait 10 minutes before seeing your content.

Make sure the user interface you design is as our dear colleagues in IT call it “User Friendly”.

Make sure that all the written content you have on the site is error-free and useful to its reader

Make sure your site has white space to allow the user to breathe as they navigate and view various information

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Make sure that your site is designed for smartphones and adapts the RWD Responsive Web design or in French a “Site Web réactif “. You will have to learn by heart that nowadays, most of the traffic you will get will come from a mobile device and to help you, we give you some statistics on mobile devices and web traffic:

* Up to 70% of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

* More than 80% of Internet users use mobile devices to surf the Web.

* 83% of mobile users expect a seamless experience every time they visit a website with any mobile device.

* 95.1% of active Facebook traffic comes from mobile devices.

* 57% of LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile.

* 70% of viewing time on YouTube is collected by mobile devices.

* 90% of Twitter views come from mobile devices.

* The giant Google is responsible for 96% of search traffic coming from mobile.

Our advice to you to move towards a mobile strategy to offer customers a seamless experience, is not based on “chance”, it is because these numbers are climbing day by day, and will undoubtedly take off in the years to come.

To conclude, if you have a small, medium or large business, and you want to see your turnover rise based on a long or short term strategy, contact us, our experts will be there to answer you as best as possible.

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