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Imagine you have a restaurant in Cerniat (FR) and a couple from the Valais (VS) decide to visit the magnificent Charmey baths. They pick up their smartphone at 11:57pm the night before departure and reserve a table in your restaurant for a romantic evening. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Or imagine you had a beauty salon, and a customer leaving a nightclub at 5:13 a.m. decided to book an appointment via your website to have her hair and make-up done before her job as a check-in hostess at Geneva airport at 1:37 p.m. This could revolutionize your business, no? Could this revolutionize your business?

A Website like this ⬆︎ or nothing at all  

What my Grandmother told me tore my heart out!

My grandmother, soon to be 79, understands the importance of a website these days. She often tells me that if these tools had been available in her day, she could have developed her own business and saved my late grandfather, who was battling cardiovascular disease while working on construction sites to support the family. This touched me deeply. She told me that they could have sold the winter gloves she knitted online without needing a store in town. So she could have taken care of my grandfather and made money at the same time. Her words left me speechless…

So, Don't be like her! Be smart

My grandmother, despite her age, understands the importance of a website. If she has, why shouldn’t you? 

Whether you’re 39, 27 or 51, it’s never too late to seize the opportunity. You may be neglecting the importance of a website, but you may realize it too late, when your competitors have already jumped on the bandwagon. I will explain to you why, simply, you neglect the importance of the website and I am sure that you will realize when the train has already left and as my grandmother always tells me “a star means nothing until it is taken away”

So,if you don’t want to miss the train, if you don’t want to be like my grandmother in the next year, order your site now, call me by clicking on this button

Here are 4 points you need to remember

 Avoid becoming a Closing Stat: In 2022, over 4,300 companies closed their doors in Switzerland. That’s an increase of over 21% on the previous year. This is an alarming statistic, and a reminder that competition is fierce, and many businesses are struggling to survive. Don’t let your business become one of these statistics. Investing in a professional website can be the key to avoiding becoming another victim of bankruptcy.


✅ Call in a Professional: You might think you can create your own website, or ask a friend or family member to do it for you. However, the expertise of a professional is invaluable. A poorly designed website can do more harm than good to your business. A professional knows how to create a site that attracts visitors, converts them into customers, and improves your online visibility. Don’t underestimate the importance of calling in an expert.

✅ At Kallitous, we refuse to follow the herd. We pride ourselves on designing the most unique websites in Switzerland, enriched with stunning 3D animations and immersive transitions that immerse your customers in a captivating visual universe, making your websites more cinematic. Take a look at our inspiring images. Your website won’t just be a tool, it’ll become a digital work of art that captures your customers’ attention.

✅ And I am so convinced of the love that my colleagues put into the work of your site that I inform you that if you do not appreciate the website created with all the love of the profession, you will be refunded 100% of your order (And yes, it is money back in your pocket)

So how can You seize this opportunity today?

Order your professional website now for only CHF 1,550 instead of CHF 3,100, thanks to our special offer. You’ll have a showcase website with a luxurious design and cinematic animations, perfectly adapted to mobiles and tablets. But that’s not all…

Your Website At Only CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- 🤑🤑

Here are the 8 advantages of This limited offer

✅ Your website will be a maximum of 5 pages or a single page, depending on your choice

✅ Your Website hosting is free for 365 days

✅ Your domain name will be free for 365 days

✅ Your free business e-mail address for 365 days 

✅ One-Time Payment, Lifetime Ownership: When you invest in our exceptional CHF 1,550 offer, you get much more than just a professional website. You become the owner of your site for life, with no recurring monthly or annual costs. Imagine the freedom and control this gives you over your online presence. Your site, your business, forever

✅ Invoice payment in 2 instalments: We understand that every company has its own financial constraints. That’s why we offer you the possibility of paying your invoice in 2 instalments, free of charge and with 0% interest. Our aim is to encourage small businesses to seize this opportunity and invest in their online future.

✅ You can also pay with Twint 

✅ 100% satisfied or 100% reimbursed 

⚠️ But be warned, places are limited to just 66 customers. Don’t miss this opportunity ⚠️


What will you achieve with a website in Switzerland? And why do you need one?

Here are 3 key points ⬇︎

✅ Expand your customer base: Your website is the only option to open doors to more than 7 million Swiss Internet users, or 89% of the country’s population.

✅ Be open 24/7: Your site remains active even when you’re asleep, allowing you to attract customers at any time of day.

✅ 100% control: You manage your website the way you want, update information when you want, and communicate with your customers the way you want.

Here’s an Example ⬇︎🤔

I give you a very basic example, try to follow me logically, are you ready? Ok, as everybody knows, in the city of Fribourg we are 37776 inhabitants, so if you have a business without a website in Fribourg, you will be open only for the population of Fribourg and the few people from the small towns next door, but, if you have your website you will be open for more than 89% of the Swiss population, that is to say you will be open to 185 times all the inhabitants of Fribourg. With your website, people in Schaffhausen, Thurgau, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Lausanne can book your services, can find your number, it’s logical, you agree with me? you can now see the amazing difference that having your own website can bring you, one powerful tool will increase your potential customers probably 115 times and maybe the same for your sales, prove me wrong and I’ll buy you a beer or Drink? and now try to see yourself in the next 5 years, what will happen to your current business if you have your own website?

How many visitors do you expect to get per month from your website? And how will it help your business?

I fully understand that you might be wondering just how much of a difference a website can make to your business, and that you want some hard numbers, so I’m going to show you some concrete results that our customers have achieved thanks to websites lovingly developed in-house 

Take a close look at the following images: thanks to their elegant and attractive websites, these customers have experienced a real transformation in their businesses, and this is reflected in the figures. Look at how many visitors they’ve received and how many people have consulted their websites – it’s just revolutionary!

These screenshots are taken directly from our customers’ Google Search Console accounts, and show monthly traffic figures, number of impressions and how many times visitors clicked on the website displayed on Google…

These figures aren’t just statistics, they’re living testimonials to the benefits of a professional website like the one you’ll get with this limited offer. You can clearly see how our customers have seen their online traffic steadily increase, which means more visitors, and more visitors means more leads, and more leads means more bookings and more sales….


And if you tell me you don't want a website,
what will you lose?

Without a website, you risk losing these 7 essential elements:

❌ Potential customers: as mentioned in the example above, without a website you’d only be visible to a fraction of the Swiss population, rather than 89%.

❌ You Risk Losing Credibility: A professional website enhances your business’s credibility. Customers tend to trust businesses with a strong online presence.

❌ You’ll lose sales opportunities: your sales could be limited to local customers, instead of reaching a market outside your canton.

❌ You’ll lose your freedom to manage your image: you’ll be dependent on other platforms for your online presence, instead of having total control over your image and reputation. 

❌ You risk losing your savings: you would have to pay high fees to third-party platforms to be visible online

❌ You risk losing The Opportunity to Grow: you could remain small, local businesses instead of becoming national or international enterprises.

❌ You Risk Losing Future-Proofing: As digital trends evolve, not having a website may leave your business outdated and less adaptable to changing market conditions.


→Don’t wait any longer, your customers are waiting for you online!

So how can You seize this opportunity today?

Order your professional website now for only CHF 1,550 instead of CHF 3,100, thanks to our special offer. You’ll have a showcase website with a luxurious design and cinematic animations, perfectly adapted to mobiles and tablets. But that’s not all…

Your Website At Only CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- CHF 1550.- 🤑🤑


If you have a restaurant ?
Please Read this ⬇︎

Believe me within 365 days you will regret not having taken advantage of this offer, do you want me to explain why? Ok, first of all your competitors who will take advantage of this offer will see their business grow, and you won’t! Then and due to the change in customer behavior and to keep your business alive, you will be forced to pay someone more than 2000CHF/year not to create your website but to only put your business on their website or platform while you can have your website for only 1550.- and you want proof of what I say? Ok, listen to me very well, do you know how much restaurants pay to Uber Eats, Smood and Eat.ch to put the restaurant on their platforms? they take an average of 23% of their turnover, that is to say, if you sell only 12 pizzas a day with a price of 20CHF, these platforms take 1656CHF of these sales and they are the ones who take the money that customers pay for the food in addition to the delivery fees and to be paid for the sales, the restaurants wait each beginning of the month to receive the money for the dishes sold and in the best case each beginning of the week, while the restaurant could have its website, work on it and have 100% of its turnover and total control as well as the delivery costs…. And now you are still convinced that your website will not save you money and time, will not give you freedom and control over your business?

These 6 customers tell you About Their Experiences with Kallitous ✔︎

So, Still don't want to take this opportunity ?

To order your professional website today and take advantage of our exceptional offer, click on the button below. If you have any questions or prefer another payment method, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Join successful companies and secure the future of your business in Switzerland. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. The time to act is now.


Here's why this article is not for sharing 😱

And that’s what I’ve been telling you all along: you don’t realize what these lines are going to do to the big companies, and I know they’re not going to be happy, and that many of them are going to send me an e-mail asking me to delete this page – why do you think that is? And the more you read these lines, the more you’ll be aware that you’ve got to have your website up and running before the end of this year. That’s the secret of a business that lasts over time, and one that very large companies have understood and don’t want you to know. Ok, I’m yours, I challenge you in 11 seconds, are you ready? Can you name a major Swiss, French, Italian, Portuguese, German or international company that doesn’t have its own website? 11..10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1, have you found one? No, there isn’t one, that’s why big companies stay big and get richer, think about it…

So Order Your Website Today !🤑

To order your professional website today and take advantage of our exceptional offer, click on the button below. If you have any questions or prefer another payment method, please do not hesitate to contact us

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