This group in a first time has a universal and effective message towards the humanity, to gather two languages, on the one hand the French language considered “alive” and on the other hand the Berber known as “native”, and to dare to marry two different cultures it is an audacious challenge, that the will to accomplish it is not offered to all the artists.

This crossbreeding, really motivated our choice to produce them, because these two artists, collaborate together without returning to the subject of the linguistic and cultural difference, this neglect drew our attention to work with them and invest fully so that the challenge is accomplished with success.

Now, the internal artistic support of these two artists in the studio, whose musicality is totally diverse, makes us understand that their artistic differences converge towards the love of Rap and that proves to us that music has never had a language.

“Why Nkkné is a group ambassador of human values and human rights, manipulate the artistic for universal purposes, is an object rarely requested nowadays, the whole world must be proud to have a group such as “why nkkné”, so existing …”

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